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Bookkeeping Services

Keeping accurate records is a must for all business owners. Not only does it keep HMRC off your back and ensure you are not penalised by them for inaccurate bookkeeping, but it can also help motivate and inspire you. By keeping your books up to date you will feel more engaged in your business by being better informed on how your business is really performing.

What Is The Difference Between Bookkeeping And Accounting?
This is very common question and a good one. Bookkeeping is the recording of the transaction from either the receipt, invoice or bank statement onto a bookkeeping system. Accounting is taking t he books and using them to produce a set of final accounts. Accounts for Limited Companies must be prepared in accordance with Government guidelines in order to comply with the Companies Act and also with HMRC’s tax legislation.

How Much Does The Bookkeeping Cost?
Our fees include provision for bookkeeping that covers most small business requirements. However, if your business requires a more substantial amount of bookkeeping, we can offer an individually tailored solution. Feel free to contact us online for a quote or contact us by telephone. The best way for us to show you how we can help is for us to get together over a coffee and chat face to face about your business.

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